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"MY LIFE FINALLY MAKES SENSE. Revivalist School sparked something inside of me that made my whole life make sense. I knew I wanted to live for Jesus, but Revivalist School taught me HOW to live for Him and what my unique purpose is. WE WERE CREATED TO DO MORE THAN JUST WORK TO PAY BILLS- let's stop that cycle! We are created to bring Him glory through the destiny He has placed in us! Z4 Revivalist School is LIFE CHANGING. I was trained and equipped. Now I feel very confident to go out and change the world with the love of Jesus. Every class was like an explosive time of impartation and open Heaven! The Holy Spirit was always in the center and Tim always teaches and flows with the Holy Spirits direction. It is not Tim teaching, it is Holy Spirit teaching through Tim! If you are thinking about Revivalist School I want to encourage you to take that step of faith today and go for it! It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My life and many others have been so transformed. I now know my purpose and how to walk it out. God is no respector of persons and He will do the same for you!"

Liz Epps

Revivalist School Graduate

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