At Zechariah 4 Ministries we gather together as the church described by Jesus in Matthew 18. We encounter Jesus together and learn how to be fruitful and multiply for His glory. We take dominion in the name of Jesus Christ and change the world in every area of culture. We see revival, miracles, signs, wonders and salvations wherever we go: in grocery stores, living rooms, businesses, schools, cities and nations! Join us as we demonstrate His love and power both here and to the uttermost parts of the world until everyone on earth knows His name!

Tim Lighthall,

Tim Lighthall founded Zechariah 4 Ministries to release habitations of God's presence rather than just visitations. Zechariah 4 Ministries is based in Fort Myers, Florida, but Tim travels around the country as well as internationally to equip "kings and priests" to continuously walk in the glory presence, the glory power, and the glory peace of God at all times. Zechariah 4 Ministries teaches how to bring reformation to the Church so that the latter will be greater than the former. 


Zechariah chapter 4 is an incredible chapter in the Bible that tells us the KEYS to a sustained outpouring of the Holy Spirit! This ministry has taken those truths, applied them, and has seen amazing outpourings of the Spirit poured out in homes, ministries, prisons, cities, regions and nations! We desire to equip the Body of Christ here and around the world to experience the “Ceaseless Flow of Oil” that the angel showed Zechariah.

Meet our Z4 Staff!

Tim Lighthall

Joseph Epps



Kara Erickson

Join with us in receiving and releasing this mighty move of God! 

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