to fulfill it. 

Do you ever wonder why you have different talents and abilities than others? Why is your personality different than another? Why do you have certain passions? Why are certain things interesting to you yet boring to another? What is your purpose in life?


GOOD NEWS. God has created each of us very uniquely for a reason. We each have different "knacks" and "bents"  about ourselves for a reason! We were created with purpose! As believers, we all play an important function in the body, do you know yours?! It's time to discover your unique God given destiny and get trained and equipped to fulfill it by the power of the Holy Spirit! Through apostolic teaching and impartation, Z4 Revivalist School raises up believers according to their unique calling. Let's dive in together to the deep places of the Father's heart, discover our unique functions in the body, and learn how to release revival everywhere we go until the whole earth is filled and flooded with His glory!!!



Every year, the Holy Spirit gives us a theme. Last year, we got “launched into destiny.” This year, we're “diving into the deep!”


Luke 5:1-11 tells us the story of when Peter was fishing in shallow water all night and caught nothing. Jesus then challenged him to go into the deep. Peter obeyed, and as a result, he saw the greatest harvest he had ever seen!


This harvest strategy will not only take us deeper into the glory presence and love of Christ, it will also take us deeper into His Spirit of wisdom and revelation, thus making the Word of God come alive in the deepest ways! We will dive deep into the power of the Holy Spirit, and receive His power to demonstrate miracles, signs and wonders to reach the lost! We invite you to come experience the deepest relationship with Jesus you have ever known and the greatest ministry success you have ever seen. Join us as we get supernaturally equipped to reach the world for Christ! 


With that said, we extend to you the same invitation Jesus extended to Peter... let's go deeper. Let's get out of the shallows and dive into the deepest places of His heart. Let's dive into the kingdom. Let's dive into HIM. As we do, we, too, will experience the greatest harvest we have ever known!


Monday & Wednesday from 7-9:30pm

Semester starts 9/26/21 and ends 5/18/22

Graduation is 5/22/22


Fort Myers, FL campus or online!


Tuition is $2,500 for first time students, and $1,000 for returning students.

Payment plans available. 

Registration forms due by 9/1/21


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   It is our hearts desire to raise up revivalists that walk in the GLORY PRESENCE, GLORY POWER, and the GLORY PROSPERITY of God and then carry it around the world until the whole world has been reached!! We desire to see the Kingdom established everywhere we go so we train students to know how to establish the Kingdom of God in cities and regions. The school goes from September through May and each student gets "full of grace and truth" just as Jesus was (John 1:14-17) and "of His fullness" they receive. There is classroom instruction, impartation, practical training and opportunities, personal ministry, prophetic words spoken over each student, and Spirit led help in finding their destiny and calling. The emphasis is receiving “new wine” yet also receiving the “new wineskins” needed to carry this mighty move of God! We desire habitation not just visitation. As in everything we do at Z4, there is always an emphasis on Zechariah 4:6 (AMP) of receiving a ceaseless flow of oil! Whether your ministry is in the church, the marketplace, the political realm, the education realm, or any of the seven mountains of culture, students learn how to release the Kingdom of God wherever they go and see revival presence and power break out! 

Tim Lighthall

Revivalist School Founder & Teacher