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1. We decree that 8 billion souls will be reached with the Gospel in 12 years (by December 31, 2032) and that 25 million laborers will be raised up, trained and equipped, commissioned, ordained and thrust out into the harvest fields

2. We decree His Glory Presence, Glory Power, Glory Prosperity, Glory Preaching, Glory Prophetic, Glory Praise, Glory Peace (shalom, perfect health, wholeness, youth renewed, souls whole), Glory Purity, Glory Partnerships, Glory Promotion and Favor, etc. manifest daily at Z4


3. We decree we will know Jesus intimately this year and the power of His resurrection

4. We decree a tsunami wave of a Glory Presence revival

5. We decree Galatians 3:13-14, revival in America, Pakistan and around the world

  • Every curse broken 

  • The blessing of Abraham released: Seed of Jesus, salvations, righteousness, justice, prosperity, nations, favor, blessings, promises fulfilled, faith, multiplication

  • An outpouring of the Holy Spirit breaks out world wide

6. We decree the Prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10), Genesis 1:28, Acts 1:8, and Isaiah 61:1-3

  • All pain, curses, hurt, misery, torment and soul wounds gone

  • Blessed indeed, double blessing

  • Increased territory, multiplication, mega fruitfulness

  • Dominion, His hand with us, outpouring of the HS breaking out from deep within us and raining on us, power for miracles, signs and wonders, power to witness

7. We decree a ceaseless flow of oil at Z4 (Zechariah 4 AMP)


8. We decree justice against the adversary now, speedily without any delay, and we receive 1000 times greater than anything the adversary stole, destroyed or even delayed (Luke 18:1-8, Deuteronomy 1:11)

9. We decree 2021 is a year of receiving His strength 


10. We decree encounters with the glory of Jesus will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea

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