Zechariah chapter 4 tells us the amazing encounter Zechariah the prophet had with an angel. The angel shows him a candlestick aflame due to a ceaseless flow of oil coming from two olive trees to the candlestick. The chapter is about the angel explaining to Zechariah how to experience that never ending supply of oil that sets everything and everyone ablaze. If the church of Jesus Christ would catch the same vision, the church would move into a habitation of His presence and power instead of seeing the fires in a hit and miss fashion. This book explains the two olive trees and how when we understand what they represent and how to walk in it, the fires of the Holy Spirit will begin to land and spread across the country and around the world. This book does not just talk theory, but gives practical steps with real testimonies of how the ceaseless flow of oil has already begun to flow!

The Ceaseless Flow of Oil