Yes, it is time for encounters!

Prophetic Word to the Bride, by Liz Epps

When I woke up this morning there were pictures on the screensaver of my

computer of beautiful mountains. The pictures were breathtaking. I felt the Lord

tell me in that moment that He wants us to see beautiful things like these daily. It

is all a part of His plan and purpose for our lives. I also felt that He was telling us

to allow Him to take the limits off so that we can just soar with Him. He said, “I have so many wonderful things in store for my people and all they must do is say yes.”

The scripture that came to me was 1 Corinthians 2:9: “But, as it is written, ‘What

no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has

prepared for those who love him.’”

I felt the Lord saying that in these next few weeks and months you are going to

start experiencing the wonderful things that He has for you. Just sit back and

think for a moment of all the beautiful things that God has created: the

mountains, the beauty of nature and everything in the earth. Then realize that the

very Creator of the universe is calling you into a deeper relationship with Him.

Wow! How could it ever get boring. Or, what problem are you facing that is bigger

than our God? When I think about the tallest mountain or the most beautiful

island, I am reminded that through Jesus we are made co-heirs. As you just

meditate on this truth it will stir up your faith and prepare your heart to believe for

the impossible. You see the enemy tries to attack our hearts because of this so I

heard the Lord say guard and present your heart to Him. Once your heart is

focused on Him the possibilities become limitless.

Sunday night was powerful at Z4, so much was released. Such an anointing of

ease and faith was released last night at our meeting. The Lord is taking us into

a place where we can easily see and believe for the impossible. It is a place

where we are going to be so surrounded by His love, mercy and goodness. I feel

like the Lord is saying sit back because things are about to get so good!

There is nothing that you must work for it is almost like a coat, just put it on. It is a place

where your soul is going to experience pure bliss!

So yes, it is a time of encountering His presence in such a personal way. The

Lord is opening the door and inviting you to come in to experience His Glory

presence and the best life that you have ever experienced with Him and in His

Kingdom where all things are possible. All you must do right now is say yes,

Jesus come with Your glory presence!

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