The fruit of righteousness is PEACE!

Z4 Word to the Bride

By Tim Lighthall l 10.8.2020

When the Lord told me several years ago that the key to revival in America centered around the blessing of Abraham as revealed in Galatians 3:13-14, I had no idea the depths of riches found in that truth! Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness (see Genesis 15:6). When we believe in Christ, righteousness is also credited to us or given to us (Romans 3:21-22). We literally become the righteousness of God in Christ! That is an amazing biblical and theological truth, but what does it mean for us practically? If we understand what it means and start walking in that truth we will experience a whole new realm of abundant living.

Isaiah 32:17(NIV) says, “The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.” That means that if righteousness has been credited to our account, if a payment has been added to our account (righteousness), then shalom or peace comes with it! That word shalom is an awesome word meaning total wholeness and prosperity in EVERY area of life! When we are righteous (which, again, we are when we get born again) the fruit of that righteousness is shalom peace. Our bodies are perfectly healthy, our finances are abundantly prospering, our relationships are strong and healthy, our ministries are bearing tremendous fruit, EVERYTHING in our life is under the blessing of the Lord!!!

This is not something we have to work on, strive for, or even fast and pray to see manifest. It is just something we believe and receive! Righteousness results in an open heaven over you! When we understand we are righteous or in perfect right standing with God so there are no obstacles to Him being intimate with us or to His blessings being released, then shalom begins to be loosed on our lives! Health comes. Finances flow. Rest comes. Love overwhelms us. All the blessings of knowing Jesus intimately come upon us.

Let’s rejoice and praise Jesus because at the cross He broke every curse and we are now 100% righteous. As we understand that and believe it, shalom peace will begin to manifest in our lives and families and we will never have to strive again to try to “make” the blessings flow. They are already flowing and chasing you down! Receive and enjoy Him and His blessings every day from here on because He made you perfectly righteous and the fruit of righteousness is PEACE!

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