Now is the Time!!

Prophetic Word to the Bride, by Liz Epps The time of prophetic words coming to pass is now! The time of what you have been speaking is manifesting. Yes, this is so exciting! I believe the Lord is saying that now is the time for everything to come to pass that you have been believing Him for. Now speak it! I’m reminded of Numbers 20:8 when the Lord told Moses to speak to the rock. In the ESV it says, “tell the rock before their eyes to yield its water.”

What a great picture of what the Lord is saying now to you. If it seems like a rock, a hard situation or circumstance, it is time to speak to it! You don’t have to labor in your own strength or might, just declare God’s word over the situation and watch it obey you!

You were created in His image to be a king and a priest, not to go about life being defeated by the enemy. Jesus paid a high price for your victory so claim it today and rise up to be all God has called you to be. Proclaim all His promises now.

God is awakening and stirring up prophetic words that you have received in the past and the Holy Spirit is bringing them to your memory to speak forth today. Dreams and visions that have been on the inside of you for years and that seem impossible are now beginning to manifest through the words of your mouth. Today is the day to rise up and declare your victory as you look to the victorious one, Jesus!

God is releasing such a grace on your words right now. Everything you speak is taking form. He is also releasing His grace to you to begin to believe big and see yourself with every promise that has been given to you. So, by faith, begin today to receive and declare every promise that is in your heart and watch as things begin to manifest quicker than you imagined!

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