Word to the Bride, by Tim Lighthall

I enjoyed sharing Sunday night at Z4 the Bible story of Paul in Malta (Acts 28). It was awesome to see the progressions of what Paul went through that parallel our lives. He went from almost dying in a shipwreck (Acts 27) to the people of Malta thinking he was a “god” (Acts 28:6) because he was supernaturally protected from a poisonous snakebite by God there. Seasons can shift so suddenly! I am not sure if you are in a shipwreck season or a top of the world season, but either way Jesus is right there moving you forward to a place where He alone is glorified in your life!

In the midst of the “snake” season Paul was persecuted based solely on what people saw in the natural. When the people of Malta saw Paul get bit by the deadly snake they immediately accused him of being a murderer. Then they literally condemned him to death saying he would die as his justice. BUT GOD! What your circumstances look like only matters to the gossipers! You know that your circumstances only show you what the Lord is about to reveal about His love, His power and His goodness as He delivers you from every situation, “You have delivered me from all my troubles…” Psalm 54:7 (NIV). Don’t make judgments based on what you see in the natural! The people of Malta wrongly judged Paul because he was bitten by the snake. They immediately started gossiping about him and making wrong judgements and assumed he would die.

Seasons can change suddenly!!! Those same people that condemned him and gossiped about him literally watched Paul overcome the worst possible circumstances as he shook off the snake of circumstances and overcame all the poison of the enemy and of their words and of their judgements. Not only did he overcome but God turned it around for good!! Soon Paul was ministering supernaturally to those very people that wrongly judged him!! In your life and ministry people may form judgements against you based on negative circumstances that have come your way or based on wrong assessments of who they think you are. You don’t have to convince them they are wrong just shake off their judgments into the fire and go do all God told you to do and they will see the fruit of your ministry!! That is what matters! It is not about what people think or don’t think, it is about bearing much fruit to our Father’s glory!!! Make that your focus no matter how many people reject you and cast you aside because you don’t “add up” in their estimation. You already “add up” in the Father’s estimation!!!! Focus on Him and His incredible love for you and do great exploits to His glory no matter the season. Expect suddenlies! He will take care of the rest!!!

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