Apostolic Word to the Bride

By Tim Lighthall l 9.8.2020

Believers are constantly being filled with something. It is time to be filled and flooded with Holy Spirit presence and power!

This might be gross but when my daughter Charissa was a baby she loved her bottle! We could not give her enough milk, she would not stop drinking. She would drink so much so fast that all of a sudden it would all come back out in such a way we called it “projectile vomiting”!

As believers, are all always drinking something and sooner or later what we are drinking is going to be "vomited out" on someone. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were so full of the new wine of the Holy Spirit that whenever we were out and about the Holy Spirit just flowed out of us as truth, healings, miracles, prophecies, words of knowledge, fruit of the Spirit and most importantly love! Many are praying for revival fire when revival fire was already released at Pentecost (the Holy Spirit IS revival fire, revival is not a thing, it is a Person!). We just need to receive it (Him) and walk in it and release it wherever we go!!!

In today’s world the television, the internet, most anything we see or hear is feeding us fear and the kingdom of darkness. We are getting so drunk on fear and stress and disappointment and unbelief that most of the Church is ineffective and unfruitful. What would happen if we took seriously Paul’s admonition to us in Ephesians to “keep being filled with the Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18)? The Kingdom of God is about receiving. We are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:28) and we are to daily receive power because the Holy Spirit has come upon us (Acts 1:8). What if we quit concerning ourselves with all the bad news that we are filling ourselves with and instead start receiving new wine and fresh oil!!! We need to be the New testament type church again where miracles, signs and wonders were normal everyday occurrences. It is as simple as waking up every day and all day long receiving a fresh drink of the Holy Spirit!

Start receiving and drinking Holy Spirit power, love, joy, wisdom, revelation, authority,

peace, power to make wealth, healings, counsel, words of knowledge, prophecies, tongues and interpretations of tongues, joy inexpressible and full of glory, patience, kindness, sound mind, and much more. If we keep putting these things on or keep drinking these in or keep receiving these things, the Father has already promised to answer by giving the Holy Spirit to EVERYONE that asks (Luke 11:13). There is NO POWER THAT HE IS WITHHOLDING!

He is ready to pour our His Spirit upon you again and again so let’s get drinking and releasing the Holy Spirit everywhere we go until we become greater than the New Testament Church and revival touches every nation!!!

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