Prophetic Word to the Bride

Delivered by Liz Epps l 8.27.2020 “It is time to be immersed in the Father’s Love!!”

I believe this is a time for the Body of Christ to be diligent to not accept fear in any way, shape or form. I sense the enemy launching fear at believers and being relentless with it but I also see the Father launching His love to drown out all the fear and completely obliterate it!

Be on guard with what you are taking in. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern what you are listening to and watching as well as being wise as to who you are speaking with and listening to, etc. Be led by the Spirit and ask Him to remove any mindsets of fear.

Watch what you’re thinking about and meditating on! Don't play "videos" in your mind of fearful situations. Protect what tries to come to your eyes! Do not receive any seeds of fear that the kingdom of darkness is trying to plant. We have THE power and we are created in God's image and we have the imagination of God. We are the ones that are called to take dominion, we are the ones that are called to be fruitful and multiply. We will not, for a moment, submit to any other agenda except for our Father's. We will not be distracted!

We must take every thought captive. Everything that we imagine must be from Heaven. If it doesn't exist in Heaven, it has no place. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to fill our imaginations with what is from above.

I see the Father saying focus on His love for you, it has already been released over you so immerse yourself in it. Begin soaking in it and then focus on your right standing with Him. This is a place where you will not be moved . Remember your breastplate of righteousness. You are protected and you win! Love never fails!!

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