Apostolic Word to the Bride

Delivered by Tim Lighthall I 8.31.2020

We have a covenant right for Jesus to come running to us at our point of need!

In the Promised Land, Joshua made a covenant with the Gibeonites. It was an unfortunate covenant but a covenant nevertheless. They did not deserve it but Joshua himself made the deal. The Gibeonites were then under the covering and protection of Joshua, the whole army, all of Israel and of course Israel’s God. How is that for a covenant?

Not long after that five kings came against Gibeon. They were easy prey to these kings and would soon be wiped out completely. They had only one recourse. They called upon Joshua to protect them on the basis of covenant. Joshua is akin to the name Jesus so it was like Gibeon crying out, “Jesus, come to my rescue by covenant right!” Not only did Joshua come to the rescue to save Gibeon, the sun even stood still for a day to assure victory! Jesus has made covenant with us now, even when we did not deserve it. At any time we can cry out “Jesus” by covenant right and He immediately comes to the rescue or looses heaven to us and releases every spiritual blessing for us. WOW! So, the first three words that should come out of our mouth in times of crisis are, “By covenant right!” then declare and decree what you need and by covenant right Jesus MUST ACT ON YOUR BEHALF!!! Thank You Jesus for the cross that secured our covenant!

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