Whether you need physical healing or emotional healing, Jesus is the answer.

One of the anointings the Lord has blessed Z4 with is healing. We have seen thousands of healings here and around the world. We also impart to many people the spiritual gift of healing and many see immediate healings when they pray for people as a result! In most services we have at Z4 we pray for the sick and see many of them healed. We have seen extraordinary miracles such as blind eyes open, deaf mutes healed, several resurrections from the dead, and many on their deathbed completely healed! To us, though, every healing is major as someone’s physical well-being is made better even if it is the healing of a headache. Only the Healer, Jehovah-Rapha can heal anyone, but He gives us the power and authority to release it to others. What a privilege! And of course, ALL the glory goes to Him!! We also have a healing rooms service at the end of each month. We are in partnership with the International Association of Healing Rooms and run our Healing Rooms Ministry according to their guidelines. Anyone needing to be healed can contact Z4 and we will be glad to release healing to anyone here or around the world in person if possible, over the phone, or just by speaking it as Jesus did for the Roman centurion’s servant. We also have ongoing teaching to release revelation to all believers that healing is our supernatural covenant right and Jesus wants all to be healed. We release the Word and it heals people as well!

Healing Rooms will resume soon. Please stay tuned for next date!

For any immediate healing needs please come join us in person at any of our services!

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