Jesus is The Deliverer, and He alone has the power to set us free!

Jesus taught us to pray and decree deliverance from evil on a regular basis (see Matthew 6:13). We are also commanded to set the captives free! Our deliverance ministry walks people through a simple process of getting set free from the power and lies of the enemy. It is as simple as walking people through repentance, closing open doors to the enemy, breaking ungodly soul ties, releasing forgiveness to others that may have hurt us, or just breaking agreements we might have made with the lies of the enemy through the years. These things and others are part of what we do to help people get totally set free from attacks, torment and oppression of the enemy against them. We have seen many amazing supernatural deliverance's to the glory of God!  The Deliverer himself,  Jesus,  does the delivering and setting people free but He uses our deliverance team as vessels to bring people out of captivity and into a place of being filled and flooded with God Himself!

If you are interested in receiving deliverance, our "Z4 Deliverance Guide" is a tool that can help.  As you go through these materials, you will encounter the Deliverer who loves you so much that He sent his Son to set you free from all the works of the enemy!  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  This guide is an introduction to a lifestyle of learning and applying the truths that set you free and keep you free! After you personally prayerfully go through this guide, our deliverance ministry team would love to pray with you at any one of our gatherings!



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